Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farmer's Market

This morning I ventured to the Farmer's Market.
It was packed.
Which made my locavore heart pitter patter.

Here are the goodies I came home with:

See that gross looking tomato? The farmer said that the 'bad looking' ones actually taste the best. He told me to compare a 'bad one' and a 'good one' and report back next week.
And I shall.

This is our neighbor's homemade baklava. She lives 3 houses down and has a booth of homemade goodies at the Farmer's Market. It is amazing. And only $1.25.

Total, I spent $9.25 for everything.
3 tomatoes
2 candy onions
1 green pepper
1 squash
6 peaches
1 heavenly slice of baklava

I went to SuperTarget later and priced the same items.
Excluding baklava.
I saved $1.50 overall.

And none of my produce has pesticides, herbicides, etc.
And I put money right into the Farmer's pockets.

I love the Farmer's Market.


  1. Jenny,
    It's Jen Ward! I love your it all the time! You are a very talented your style and feel like I am somewhat keeping up with you!
    Hey, what farmer's market do you go to?

  2. Hey Jen! I had no idea you read this! Thanks for reading! To answer your question, I usually go to the Lee's Summit Farmers Market. Its close enough and not as overwhelming as the City Market.

  3. Hey Jenny
    Have been reading your blog. It's so fun and charming. I frequent the LS farmer's market weekly. You are so lucky to have her as a neighbor. I am not allowed to come home without any of her goodies.


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