Monday, July 19, 2010

Got my iphone 4...

And I love it.

As my readers are well aware, the Free household is on a pretty tight budget. You know, with me a teacher as the main breadwinner, and Mr. Free finishing up college and I'm in grad school as well..... you get the picture.
Mr. Free and I knew we really wanted to jump on the iphone wagon when we watched the keynote speech about them.
So.... what did we do? Frantically run around our house finding things to sell via Craigslist so we can buy them.
And we did.

What have I loved so far?
The camera and video camera by far. They are so much better quality than I am used to with a phone and it is always with me. Love it.
I also love that you are never bored if you have an iphone. Waiting at the DMV? You can check facebook!
I also love the way the voicemail and text messages are set up. It is just so easy to use.

What about the 'deathgrip'?
So far Mr. Free and I haven't had any issues with dropped calls. We of course will take Steve Jobs offer of free bumpers, but so far we haven't had any problems!

There's an App for that.....
So far I've only downloaded a few apps since I just got it. So far, here's what I would recommend:
Facebook....duh (free)
Red Laser (free) allows you to scan barcodes of items to see what the lowest price is in your area
Craigsphone (free) Craigslist on your phone....
Happy Hour (free) tells you the various Happy Hours going on in your area at any given time. We aren't really drinkers but love ourselves some cheap food...
And my favorite so far, Camera Bag ($1.99) This app allows you to edit your photos with various filters. I used the 'CrossColor' filter for the photo of my iphone above. I think it is worth the $1.99 charge.

So that's about it.
If you have an iphone or smartphone, what apps would you recommend?
I'm obviously just getting my toes wet....


  1. I love the Harbor Master Lite game. It is soooo addicting and free! :)

  2. I have the iPhone 3GS. I love it- I am sure we will wait for the upgrade to get the 4, though.

  3. Yay for your new iPhone! CameraBag rocks!

  4. Lets see, I have The Weather Channel app, Words with Friend Free, Etsy Addict, TV Listings USA, Allrecipes, and some other random stuff. Enjoy your phone!


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