Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Headboard Redux

So, my style has changed a bit since picking out my furniture 4 years ago.
Back then, I wanted a *romantic* bedroom.
Wrought iron bed, creams and lots of red.

Of course I want a romantic bedroom, but not so traditional looking.

I got to thinkin' yesterday about ways to make our bed look a like more funky.
Here it is:

First, our bedding is a bit different since it is summer.
We use our light brown blanket for summer, since it's lighter.
Next, I took this quilt I got on clearance at Target a couple of years and draped it over our existing wrought iron headboard.
I bought the quilt because the reverse side is red and I use it draped over our couch at Christmas.

So there ya go.
No sewing, no ironing, just draping.
The look of an upholstered headboard, but can easily, easily be changed in about 1 second.

What do you think?

P.S. The "After" photos are using the CameraBag app.....I love it!
I should have taken the pics in the morning though...with a little more natural light!

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