Friday, July 9, 2010

I love old books

When my grandma passed away a few years ago, she left me her wonderful classic book collection.

I love them.
I use them as decoration all over my home.
I think they look intelligent and classy, plus if you are bored you've got reading materials!
(And I'm a teacher....gotta promote literacy people!)

She left me a big collection of the 'Classics to Grow On' series from the 1940's.
They contain classic poetry, classic novels and plays.

She also left me some old Mark Twain and Nancy Drew books. These are probably about 40-50 years old I would guess.

Whenever I hit the thrifts, I always check for classic older books and have found a couple of great ones:

That title just makes me's from the 60's. I'm gettin' closer to 30, so I guess I better read up!

But I don't always decorate with old books. (Though new don't have quite the same charm)
Here is our end table in the living room:

Gotta love these classics....: )
And yes, I love my quirky wire pig.


  1. I too love old books! I was actually just talking to Mark last night about wanting to read Wuthering Heights... random I know. =)

    And agreed, old books are also fabulous to decorate with!

  2. I love old books! They're just about my favorite thing to decorate with:) I LOL'd at the "fit after 30" one. Too funny!

    Now I want to go read a Nancy Drew book...


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