Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Do you ever have days that you just kinda feel a little blue?
That is me today. And yesterday.
The weather here isn't helping either. (Rainy)
Or the fact that our banking account got all messed up and now our checking account is red.
That should be resolved by tomorrow....but still....

What do I normally do when I feel a little blue?
Retail therapy.
What can't you do when you when your checking account is in the negatives?
Retail therapy.


Luckily, my mom took me to get some much needed Starbucks (after fretting all night that half of our hard-earned and saved money was gone!) and then we headed to Target.
Bad day to not have any money.

All of their outdoor furniture was 75% off.....and if it was a display model? An extra 30%.
Crazy huh?

I did spot something that I couldn't leave without. (Thanks mom for the loan...: )

I love Dwell Studio.
I've loved these tablecloths since they first came out. ($19.99)
But I patiently waited.

Today....they were $4.98. Nice.
I snagged two.
One for the table down in our basement (which will be a game table)
and another to recover the cushy tops of our ottomans in the basement.

I was bummed they were out of the rectangular ones, but I think I can make the circular ones work.

Anyways..... I'm starting to wonder if anyone even reads this anymore. The last 3 posts....zero comments.

If you read this....please drop a comment...even to say 'hello'. I want to know I'm not wasting my incredible typing skills on nothing.... : )


  1. hello! I'm glad I saw your post today about Target having their outdoor furniture 75% off. I might have to stop at the one that is on my way home!

  2. I am reading! Thanks for passing on the deals, but more importantly I hope the bank can sort this out soon so you don't have this burden.

  3. I would post.......but I have nothing to say!

  4. Keep your head up. It's times like these when you learn a lot about yourself!

  5. I read! I just don't always know what to comment.

  6. I'm with you on the weather making me very "meh".

  7. holy goodness! I must make a trip to Target tonight!!!!

  8. boo for being blue! Glad your mom helped you out with a little pick-me-up! =)

    Don't fret about the lack of comments... I haven't had many lately either ... I think it's a busy summer schedule thing! I'm just reading through my list of blogs for the first time in WEEKS! =) It's nice to have a chance to catch up with everyone again!

  9. I read - and I love your new tablecloths!


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