Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A New Blog I Love....

Last night I stumbled upon the blog White Waxflower.
white waxflower

Her style is amazing....I absolutely love it.
Here's some pics of her place:

Isn't it gorgeous?! Totally love her style....

Plus I learned a couple of tips:
* I loved her photos....she said she uses her iphone with the CameraBag app ($1.99). I totally downloaded it onto Mr. Free's iphone last night.
* The site Vintage Printables.
It is a site of vintage prints that are public domain so anyone can print them, frame them and use them in your home!

Just wanted to pass along the blog love.....any new blogs you've found to share??

P.S. Thanks for the comments on the last was good to hear from some readers!


  1. I found two winners recently. One is related to decorating, but not really...they are both just good for a daily laugh. The first is Catalog Living and it posts a picture from a design mag (usually pottery barn) and adds a funny caption. The next one is Cake Wrecks and it features pictures of cakes gone wrong.

  2. That is so funny Megan....I was gonna do a post next week about Catalog Living! I found it a couple of weeks ago and it is hilarious! I'll have to check out Cake Wrecks! Thanks for the tips!


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