Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buying in Bulk

Mr. Free and I love Costco.
It is a magical place full of huge boxes and portions along with free samples and delicious churros.

So here is why, we the Free household of 2 buy in bulk:

1. It saves money
Disclaimer: You need to check your prices...sometimes bulk is more expensive! You have to do your homework!
2. It saves time
Instead of running to the grocery store every month for toilet paper, you are stocked for 3 months!
3. It saves gasoline
Again, instead of needing to run out for something monthly, you can now go every couple of months....saving gas! And the environment!
4. You are prepared
In buying things in bulked and having a good home storage system, you rarely 'run out' of something. This is nice especially during winter or bad weather.
5. It's fun.
Come on...who doesn't love lugging around a massive 50 count toilet paper box?!

Even though it is only the 2 of us, we have found buying in bulk to be quite beneficial.
But Jenny! Your kitchen is TINY! You have no pantry!!!! You may be asking....

Well, we came up with a solution.
I'll blog about that tomorrow. : )

Anyways! When we go to Costco, we only buy what we actually use and what is actually cheaper than the regular grocery store.
We get those things, store a couple in our food cupboard and store the rest.

We also get to Trader Joe's once every couple of months and we will stock up on things we use there as well.

Oh how I love Trader Joe's. Their prices are amazing and its just a fun place to shop! You can find such unique food. But alas...you are 3 hours away. : (

While at the lake this weekend, we stopped at an Amish Bulk store, and boy was I in heaven! Most of their prices were fantastic!!!
Their stuff comes packaged like this:

Sorry for the blurry pic. Gotta love camera phones!

Remember those glass jars I got from the thrift?
Here they are in full use!

These are storing our: UltraGrain flour, Whole Wheat Flour, organic popcorn kernels, brown rice, almond meal and chocolate whey protein.

We stopped again at the thrift to get some more! They look so pretty!

So Readers... do you buy in bulk? What do you normally buy? How do you store it all at home?

P.S. If there is any interest, I can certainly give you a sneak peak at what we normally buy in bulk. But I didn't want to completely bore you with the details if no one is interested! : )


  1. I'd love to know what you've found to be cheaper in bulk... I've heard people who LOVE buying like that and feel like they've had good savings, and others who say with the unit price (I think that's it?) break-down it may not be cheaper... I'm sure you've researched :)

  2. I'll work up a blog post about it....yeah, you definitely have to do some math! And make sure you will actually use all the product. If you throw half away it definitely doesn't make it cheaper!


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