Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mission Organization: The Bathroom

Ok. I always vowed to be real on this blog.
And I've always admitted that I am not a naturally an organized person.
So here it goes.

I decided to begin my mile long list of summer projects. I started with organizing my gosh awful bathroom.

Here it is before: (don't judge me!)

Our open-to-the-bathroom linen closet
Underneath our vanity.
The drawers.
So today I carved out an hour and got to work.
I went downstairs and found some little basket things that could be used to help organize.

And a trash bag.
Then I went in and purged and grouped things together.
I wound up with a whole trash bag full of no-longer-needed junk.
I also re-purposed some glass containers I had around the house to make it look a little more pretty.

Here is the oh-so-much-better after:
Linen closet
Under the vanity
Top drawer
Bottom drawer
Re-purposed glass jar holding soap. I think it's pretty!!!

Re-purposed glass vases to hold q-tips and cotton balls. Hi Mr. Free!

Another shot of the closet.
So what do you think?
I am super stoked to finally have a place for everything. Before, I just knew it belonged in the 'bathroom' so would cram it anywhere I could. Now each object has its own place. : )


  1. I'd say it looks amazing! I especially like the glass jars storing things, so clean and classy looking :)

  2. Looks great jenny!!! I LOVE organization... it's kind of my favorite. lol =)

  3. Looks awesome! Great job! Love the glass jars! :)

  4. WOW!!! What a HUGE change! I bet you feel a million times better about life now that your bathroom is organized. (Okay, maybe that's just how I feel after I organize...)

    Diggin' the soap storage! Mind if I borrow that idea?

  5. Haha Anna...yes I do feel a million times better! I need to do this to the whole house though! At least I have the summer...
    Definitely steal ANY ideas from my blog. I saw this idea somewhere in cyber-land, but I can't remember where! It is cute though!


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