Monday, June 14, 2010


There is a lot going on in the Free household this week.

1) We are getting a little foundation work done on our home. It is minimal...we are just having our I beam lowered about a 1/4 of an inch to catch it up with the settlement our house has had over the last 50 years.

2) We are hopefully closing on our house this Thursday! This obviously depends on the repairs and that they are done by then. Come Thursday evening we may just be homeowners!

3) In being new homeowners, Mr. Free and I have long felt that our home is a place to minister to others. We wanted people to feel welcome here anytime. 24/7.

A couple of weeks ago the opportunity arose to take in a college student who needed a place to stay to just get on their feet until they could get their own place in a couple of months.
Mr. Free and I both prayed about it and decided that it was something we wanted to do.
We have the space, we love people, why not?!
Now, we understand that this situation will bring some challenges, but Mr. Free and I have already been discussing house rules and the like.

In this new, temporary season of life, it has made me realize how much organized I will need to be with another person living here!

I've always 'meal planned' but I was pretty loose with it. Now it will be vital.
I've also been developing a chore chart and laundry schedule so that our house will work like clock work.

If you all could be praying for us during this new time of life, we would sure appreciate it.
Also, if you have any tips on running a smooth household with more than 2 people, that would be wonderful as well!

Some members of our church have offered to help with a monthly stipend to help with extra expenses in taking in an extra person. That will be a huge blessing as that was our main concern. Please pray that our needs are met.

This house, as little as it may be, is definitely not for 'us'. It is to be a place of comfort, refreshment and encouragement for anyone who enters it.

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