Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Random Room

So, I had this room that I prayed no one accidentally walked into when they came over.
It was our 'random room'.
A purgatory of stuff that wasn't quite destined for the basement or trash can yet.
Yesterday they met their final fate.

Here is the embarrassing before:


And the much better after:

I relocated the rug from the basement, and brought up the sewing table as well.
We moved out the desk to the guest room for our long-term guest to use.
I purged, purged, purged.
I made a photo wall of various photos and frames we had along with the mirror that was my great-grandmothers.
I was going to take down the guitars, but I decided to keep them up. Meh.

This room now has a purpose!
It has an identity!

It holds our sewing table, so I can now do my sewing projects.
It also is where I store our cards. So when we have a birthday or event, they are comfortably nestled on our bookshelf.
This room also houses our photos and scrapbooks.
It is also where our professional books are located.
It's also where we keep our DVDs.

This is also where we keep the litter box and cat food/water, as well as where our pets sleep (2 dogs and 1 cat) at night on that huge pet bed.

Yay for organization!!!

What do you think?

Only 2 rooms left to organize! woohoo!!!

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  1. ugh... we have one of those rooms too! It's destined to be a nursery one day... but till that day arrives.... it's junky :-(


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