Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I'm loving right now...

My new Almond Candle from Covington Creek Candles

It smells *just* like Method's Wood for Good wood floor cleaner. Every time I mop, Mr. Free and I both say, "I wish we had a candle that smelled like that!". I found it! You can order from them through Etsy. They have probably 50 different scents!
They are soy candles (which means they burn cleaner) and are made from all USA ingredients. They also include a tube of organic all-natural homemade peppermint lip balm with your order! It is amazing!!!

Tom's of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant

In our effort to live as naturally and simply as possible, I re-evaluated my deodorant. I normally buy the $.97 Suave deodorant and anti-perspirant. As I did more and more research about the possible link to breast cancer and other hormone disorders due to the aluminum and parabens in conventional anti-perspirants, I decided to make the switch. So far, in the Missouri heat, Tom's has done wonderful! The price isn't horrible either... $2.49 at Target.

Big flower rings

I used to be very monogamous to my ring wear-age. I always thought I would ONLY wear my wedding ring. Another ring would just distract from the beautiful ring my dear husband gave to me.
Well....after 3 years, I'm thinking of branching out.
These gorgeous and fun rings would look so cute on my right hand....


If you've been following my blog, you've seen my recent organizational kick.
I found a great new-ish blog called I Heart Organizing.
Her pictures are beautiful and definitely inspirational!

Real Simple magazine

I snagged one of those $5 yearly subscriptions to it on Amazon a couple of months ago. I LOVE getting magazines, but they are usually so expensive! At $5 a year? The Free household can afford that....

iPhone 4

They are simply amazing pieces of machinery. Mr. Free and I watched the 2 hour keynote speech about them and fell head over heels. We then promptly went around the house and scrounged up items we no longer use to sell on Craigslist for our iphone fund. We just about have enough! We haven't had iphones before, but we are totally stoked!!!


Now that it's warm, and I'm a 'bigger' girl than I've ever been....sundresses are the perfect solution. They are cute, keep you cool and hide problem areas. Woohoo!

b:2 a Burger Boutique

I can safely say that this is one of our favorite restaurants. From their gourmet burgers, to amazing truffle fries and our favorite milkshakes in town, its definitely worth a stop. If we weren't on such a tight budget, we would be there weekly...
I totally know I've mentioned them before, I'm just super hungry and a burger sound uh-mazing.

Alright Readers, what are you loving right now?


  1. I'm also loving big flower rings. I have two of them and I also have a ring in the shape of a bunny. (It was a gift from my husband - we own an angora rabbit). I'm also obsessing over hourglasses lately. With the summer weather here I'm loving my flip flops and sundresses!
    I love your blog

  2. Hey Jeanine! Nice to meet a new reader! I'm curious about the hourglasses....I presume you use them as decor around your home?

  3. we went to b:2 last night and I kind of thought we might just run into you there :) We needed a date with just the two of us but seriously sometime this month we need to go on a double date with you, it's been like...7 months!

  4. I been waiting for real simple to get down to $5 a year but no luck..I dont want to spend more then $5 lol


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