Friday, June 4, 2010

A different side of me...

I didn't get much 'house stuff' done today other than running errands and practicing for a wedding I am singing in tomorrow.

So I thought, "What the heck. "
Want to hear me sing?

I'm a music teacher by day but don't talk about it here much.
I love to sing. I really do.
I've also 'rebelled' against singing a bit too.
See, my whole family is musical.
So I had taken kind of a 'personal break' from my own music.

But I love it. I really do.
One of my many goals this summer is to write one of my very own songs. That would be an amazing accomplishment for me.

Anyways, here I am singing 'I Will Be Here' by Steven Curtis Chapman.


I'd love to hear some comments....but please be nice...I am really putting myself out here people.
Plus this is a crummy Garage Band recording. : )


  1. You sound great, but I'm thinking that the whole song is quite long. I'm wondering if they really "need" this much song. Is it for during the unity candle? I hope they realize how long they'll have to stand there, waiting for the song to finish. Could you cut out a verse?

  2. Yeah, that was my concern too. I talked to the bride and she wants the whole thing.....
    It's to a CD too, so it would be hard to cut out a verse.
    I'm just doing what I'm told! : )

  3. It sounds great! You have a lovely voice. :)

  4. Kind of sounds like you sing through your nose a bit.

  5. Haha....yup, I have major allergies right now and am all hopped up on medicine, just trying to have a semi-decent voice for tomorrow. Thanks for noticing : )

  6. Just a tad bit to much of a classical feel to your voice for the song. Tone it down a bit on the range. Watch your timing also, you lost it in a few places.

  7. Congrats, that took a lot of courage. Thumbs up.

  8. lol....Looks like Simon, Randy, and Paula were here.


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