Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm on a roll....

While I relish in my newly organized bathroom, I decided to keep with that momentum and keep tackling some projects.
As I sit in my living room I would always stare at my fridge and all the junk on top of it.
Here is the before:

And the after:
I love this wire basket my in-laws got me from Nell Hills. I have used it all over my house, but I think it looks great holding my kitchen linens!

The basket holds overflow of pantry items. Since we don't have a pantry.

While I was in the kitchen and up on a stool, I decided to simplify the tops of my cabinets as well.
As much as I would like to only have pretty decorative things up there, our kitchen is just too tiny. I have to utilize that space for practical things.

Here is the before:
By the way, I hope to switched to recessed lighting in the kitchen sometime soon. I hate this light fixture.

And the after:

Better right??

I feel so blessed to have this time off this summer.
This is my first summer not to be teaching summer school. It's pretty weird to have all this time, but I feel so fortunate.
I've been able to sleep in, spend quality time with my hubby and get our home in tip-top shape!

Thanks for watching as I work on our home this summer. I know I love seeing other peoples transformations so hopefully you enjoy our little journey as well.

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