Monday, June 28, 2010


Sorry for my lack of posting lately.
Life has been insane.
And I'm not even working right now!

Last Thursday Mr. Free and I headed out to St. Louis to see our sweet twin nieces come into this world.
They are beautiful and mama, papa and babies are all healthy and well!

Disclaimer: I know this pic is horrible of me...and not the very best of Mr. Free either (but of course, he always looks uh-mazing). It's the only pic on my computer of us with the girls.....

We also spent the weekend at the lake with 16 friends. It was a blast!

But right before we left we finally closed on our sweet little home.

Right now, Mr. Free and I are especially motivated to customize our home to suit our style and needs.
There will sure be plenty to blog about!
Right now we are looking at the best options for our basement.
With 900 sq. feet of unfinished space, it is sure hard to ignore.

Currently Mr. Free and I are planning on building a massive shelving unit under our stairs down there to make a place for everything.

This will also separate our laundry area from the rest of our basement.

That's all I will go into for now....just wanted to update and let you all know we are still alive.... : )

Comment if you still read this! Any requests for future posts?


  1. the front of your house is so cute!

  2. Thanks! It's our cute little shoebox house!


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