Monday, May 7, 2012

Proverbs 14:1

This is the verse I am really centering my life on right now.
Currently, I am a blessed temporary stay-at-home mom.
And I'm trying to use this time to honor God and bless my family.

After a newborn a lot of people struggle to maintain their home.
But for some reason, my nesting has finally kicked in and I am seeing how I am to build my house.

My first priority each and every day is this little man.
Making sure he is fed, dry, rested and happy.

When he is napping or content, I try to do things to bless my home and my husband.
First thing?
Make the bed.
 This small step each morning helps me focus on creating a calm home.
I used to NEVER make the bed. I thought it was pointless.
As the comedian Jim Gaffigan put it "It's like tying your shoes after you take them off."
But, nothing makes me happier than going to bed at night in a nice, made bed.

Then, during Levi's nap time I tackle the daily chore.
Our family has a chore chart and each day I clean one part of the house, so by the weekend the house is clean and it got done bit by bit vs. a one day blitz.
You can see our chore chart here.

Once that chore is done, I try and do any other little tasks that need completed.
Bills, responding to emails, extra laundry, errands, etc.

And before Mr. Free gets home, I make sure the house is picked up.

You'd be surprised the mess the babe and I can make!
I know that since Mr. Free works all day to provide for us during this time, it blesses him to come home to a calm home.

Though this is unfortunately a temporary stage in life, I am trying to make good habits now that I am balancing my marriage, my child and my home.
So upon returning to the work force I can continue to "build up" my home vs. tearing it down.

So ladies, whether you stay at home or are a working do you continue to bless your home for your family? Please share!
I'd love to learn your tips!


  1. I have been thinking about this verse off & on since I first read this post (and it came up again at a women's meeting at church - I hate when God does not-so-subtle things like that :P)

    I am struggling right now with how to balance everything with working full time & trying to keep up the house too. But I have started to make my bed each morning, and it does make me happy to walk in & see the bed all nice & neat (and it inspires me to keep the rest of our room picked up too!). Thanks for the great tip!!

  2. I know...the whole juggling act of motherhood, homemaking and work is hard! And I haven't even had the work part yet! But just little things, like making the bed, inspire me to keep things a bit tidier than normal. It's all about the baby steps! Let me know any tips and tricks you've figured out with balancing all these responsibilities!


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