Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Management Binder

 This is a project I've been meaning to tackle a LONG time ago.
Now that Im a mama, I see it as even more important to have all our family info in one place.
This will help our home run much more smoothly.

Each Wednesday I will tackle a new section of the binder, along with free printables, so if you want to build yours along with me, you can!

Here's what you'll need:
3 ring binder
Dividers with tabs (I still need to get this!)
Computer and printer
3 hole punch
Pen or pencil

The items I plan to include are:
Monthly calendar
Weekly planner
Menu planner
Family budget
Home projects list
Medical information
Addresses and phone numbers
Gift planner

The first thing I wanted in my binder was a calendar.
This will contain EVERYTHING for our family. 
Responsibilities, birthdays, celebrations, etc.

To download the cover for your binder, click here.
To download the May calendar, click here.

Next week we will look at a weekly planner.

I hope you'll start this organizing journey with me!
Please let me know if you are building your binder too!


  1. I posted about my home notebook this week, and it is similar. It helps me tremendously and I'm sure yours will do the same - good work!

  2. Courtney yours looks great! I know it'll help SO much once mine's done!


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