Friday, May 18, 2012

Frugal Friday: Don't pay full price!

Next school year, our family budget will be changing as I will be working part-time as opposed to full-time that I had previously been working. I am thrilled to be home more and have more time with my little man, but our budget will definitely have to be strict!
Each Friday I will share what's working for us to stick to our budget and hopefully can help yours!

This first Frugal Friday tip is pretty easy...don't pay full price!
Whether it's clothing, greeting cards or pasta noodles... it will at some point go on sale!
When it does, STOCK UP!!
Mr. Free built us some pantry storage in the basement.
We have a TEENY TINY kitchen, so in order to maximize the savings, we needed a place to put our sale purchases!
So, if at Target spaghetti noodles are on sale for $.74/box, when normally $1.25 and I REGULARLY use them, I will buy several boxes and store them downstairs.
I also do this with gifts, wrapping paper, cards, clothing, deodorant, shampoo etc.

As long as you are purchasing sale items that you would normally use, then it's a GREAT way to save money. So, whenever you run low on an item, you have a stash already at home! MUCH cheaper than running to the store because you are out of toothpaste and have to pay full price!

Again...just because something is on sale for a fabulous price doesn't mean you need it! ONLY purchase if you already normally use it! A basement full of clearance black beans that you'll never use is just money down the drain!

So if you can, organize an area in your home for your sale stash so you utilize it and save money!

Where to buy sale items?
My favorite is Target.
They regularly clearance nearly everything! From home decor to gift bags to laundry detergent.
You just have to watch!
Grocery stores will regularly have some great deals as well.
Just watch those circulars!
Also check recovery sales outlets.
You can often find great deals!

You may have to put in a lil work and shop around, but the savings are quite motivating!

What's your tip for never paying full price?


  1. Do you do the "drugstore game"? I have done it for a few years now, and have not paid more than $1 for toothpaste, brushes, shampoo, soap, cleaners, and laundry detergent. Most of the time I get it free (and some times, I make money on the deal!). It might not be our preferred brand, but if its free, who cares? I also get the freebies to donate (like Depends for City Union Mission, otc meds, etc).

  2. No! How does one play this "drugstore game?"

  3. The best tutorial is at Look up Walgreens and CVS. I prefer CVS myself - there are more limits, but the Extra Bucks last longer and there are fewer redemption rules. I know you CD, but we get diapers for our LO super cheap this way too (about $10/month for diapers & wipes).


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