Thursday, May 17, 2012

How-To Thursday: Frayed Edge Burp Cloths

Now that Levi is sleeping better and taking naps better, I wanted a hobby!
So I dusted off my sewing machine and away I went!
I saw online the idea of frayed edge burp cloths and wanted to try it!
These are so soft and super absorbent!
Just what you want in a burp cloth!

Here's how I did it.
Sew easy! (ba doom ching!)

What you'll need:
Will make about 4 generously sized burp cloths
2 half yards of flannel (can be a yard of the same, or 2 half yards of complimentary flannels)
half yard of quilt batting
sewing machine with strong thread
washing machine and dryer

Cut out an 6" by 11" inch rectangle from one of your flannel pieces
(I used a burp cloth I already had as a template...feel free to do that too!)

Lay down your other piece of flannel, right side facing down, then lay your quilt batting on top, followed by your already cut piece of flannel, right side facing up.
Pin it all together about 3/4 inch from edge.

 Cut around the top flannel piece, cutting the quilt batting and remaining flannel piece the same size.
Now it's all pinned ready to go!
Sew around all 4 edges, next to pins leaving about 3/4inches on all sides.
Once sewn all around, divide the edges so you can see all three layers (flannel, quilt batting, flannel)
You will cut off the excess quilt batting on all four edges...NOT any of the flannel.

 Now you should have just the 2 pieces of flannel on all four sides. About every half inch, cut to make fringe.

Wash and dry the burp cloths a few times and they will get super soft and fray up nicely!

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