Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playroom project

Now that the basement family room is finished I am ITCHING for another project.
Then it dawned on me...
Levi needs a playroom!

I mean, his room is itty bitty and as he grows, so will his toys!
And our home is small and would prefer not to have to house toys in main living areas (though we know they will be strewn everywhere once he's mobile!)

So, I talked to Mr. Free about converting our unfinished basement storage space into a playroom!
Now, this seriously will be done on a next-to-nothing budget.
No drywall going up, no flooring installed.

But growing up, that was the kind of playroom I had and I loved it.
So, I've been searching the internet for inspiration.

As much as I would love to make something like this:

It'll probably be more like this:

The color scheme will be this:
I picked up these storage pieces and accessories at Target and Homegoods.
Gosh I love those stores.

The unfinished storage area has a mural in black and white of the KC skyline that Mr. Free did a few years ago. We are going to keep that, along with a black love seat we have and put punches of color everywhere else!
We also have a big remnant of berber carpet from our family room left that we will just lay down as flooring.
We are going to paint and repurpose furniture we already have.
I told you...trying to do this for pennies!

One project I assigned Mr. Free as Levi gets older...

A skateboard swing.
He didn't object : )

I can't wait to get started!! We have a lot (A LOT!!!) of cleaning out to do in there first, then we can get started! Can't wait to share it all with you!

Do any of you have a playroom for your kiddos? Any suggestions or things we shouldn't leave out?

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