Friday, May 11, 2012

Make an E-Reader sleeve in 15 minutes!!

I'm still in the sewing mood, and Mr. Free and Levi, and my mom, surprised me yesterday with a Nook Tablet! 
It's awesome!
But I need some sort of protection for it while it's in my purse.
I checked out Target but they are like $30!
So...I made one!

It's SUPER easy!!

Here we go...
(excuse the smudges...)
 1. Find some cute fabric and cut it to be about a half inch wider on each side as your e-reader and an inch longer than the length of 2 of your e-readers end to end.
 2. On each end, fold over a half inch of fabric and pin in place
 3. Sew both ends, using pins as your guide.
4. While keeping the "inside" part facing you, fold it in half (the "outside" part, or pretty part, facing the inside!) and pin, so you have about a half inch on each side
5. Sew along the sides, using the pins as your guide
 6. Turn inside out!
 7. Slide in your e-reader and you're done!

Easy peasy!


  1. This is great! thanks for sharing! I love the fabric:)

  2. Thanks! The fabric was a great find in the ol' remnant bin!


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