Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Talk Tuesday: Use Bumper as Crib Skirt

As we all know, it is recommended that the only thing in our baby's crib is a tight fitted sheet and our child.
Anything else poses a safety risk.
Why is it then that baby bedding is so darn cute?!
That cushy bumper and fluffy comforter?

You never get to use them!

I bought our bedding on uber clearance during our first pregnancy. Had I realized the only thing in the set I could safely use would be the sheet, I probably would have passed. But, I figured out a way to safely use the bumper.
As a crib skirt!

I had loved the stripes against the polka dots, but knew I couldn't use it as a bumper. Problem solved! I know get to view the two coordinating fabrics without any risk to my little man!

So if you have the adorable crib bumper stashed away somewhere unsure of what to do with it, try it as a skirt!


  1. My mom made custom bumpers for our bed that we don't really use either :( But now that baby girl is older, we did put the bumper along the back side of the crib. I was tired of fishing out binkeys all the time since she would pitch them under the bed in her sleep!! (and we have a crib that you almost have to take apart to get underneath)

    Awesome idea for using the bumpers this way!!

  2. That's awesome your mom made a custom bumper! I'm sure it's lovely! And totally understand the binky thing...found one the other day behind the crib! Lord knows how long it had been there!

  3. Love your crib!!! It looks like the one I have ;)


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