Thursday, May 24, 2012

How-To Thursday: Newborn Memory Frame

This is by no means rocket science, but I love this little project and the smile it brings to my mama face and thought I'd share!

Since Mr. Levi is growing like crazy and I've long packed up his newborn clothes to send to his new cousin, I decided to make a memory shadow box to remember how little he once was!

First I ventured to the ol' Hobby Lobby and picked up a shadow box.
I had in mind a white one, but this weathered gray was MUCH cheaper. Figure I could always paint it too!
Also...these frames regularly go on sale!

I then took some fabric that had been used at one of my baby showers and covered the backing with it.

I think arranged all the goodies I planned to include:
The onesie he wore home from the hospital
His hat from the hospital
And his birth announcement

You can get creative here and include whatever you'd like!
Your hospital bracelets
Hospital birth certificate
Foot prints
 I then pinned all the goodies using clear case I decided to rearrange or add in additional items.
It's done!
Up on the wall!
I can't believe how little he was!

What have you all done to preserve those sweet little memories?

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