Thursday, May 6, 2010

We have art!

Mr. Free and I (ok....mainly Mr. Free) hung up his art as well as a couple of friends' pieces around our home!
It sure does liven up the place!
Here's the tour:

Doesn't the new love seat seem better with the art? I think the plaid with it would've been yucky...

Lookin' down the hall.
I can't wait to get rid of that air conditioner....

And for a bit of whimsy...

Mr. Free above the toilet. For some reason I love's just so....random.
OK, what do you think?
It's kinda outta my comfort zone, but I do love the look. It kind of reminds me of the style of Apartment Therapy...which I love.

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. LOVE the circley thing as well as the power lines pieces... =) Everything looks great! LOL about Sir above the potty... LOL hilarious. I love it! Great job to you both. =)

  2. that all looks great Jenny! art adds so much personality to any home, just wonderful I'd say :)

  3. Thanks ladies! It's fun! I'm getting used to all the color though!


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