Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another hospitality opportunity

This Sunday our church will be hosting a Youth Choir who will be peforming on Sunday morning.
They were looking for host homes for some of the youth.

As I've stated before, Mr. Free and I feel we have the gift of hospitality and view our home as a place to minister to others.

We jumped at the chance to host some youth!

We found out yesterday that we are hosting 3 teenage girls. For some reason I had imagined we would host boys and so did Mr. Free. He was kind of bummed to not have XBox buddies this weekend.... : )
Girls can like XBox!
The thought of Mr. Free in a home filled with girls this weekend hadn't even occurred to me. This will be fun...

Tonight I need to scrub the house to be ready for our guests.
Mr. Free has done a wonderful job of keeping our home in order while he's been home this week. I am so thankful for that.

Here's a helpful checklist that I often use in prep for house guests.

Saturday I am planning to get some lovely Aldi flowers and get some cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday. That's a treat in the Free household...

As I looked over the list of 'host homes' yesterday, I had to smile. Most of the others host homes I've been to and they are very nice and large.
Ours is a little shoebox.
It just struck my heart that whatever blessings we have been given we should in turn give it back to God.
Our home would be deemed 'too small' by many, but it is what we have been given and we will use it to bless others.

So readers, any tips on fun things to do with some teenage girls?
I was thinking M.A.S.H and a round of telephone.... : )


  1. I'd say some girly, fun movies and lots of candy are always a hit! I'm sure your home is beautiful and the perfect size for your family. We must remember that it's not the size of the house that matters but the love inside...oh, and some great decor helps too;)Have fun!

  2. Thanks Suzanne! I know Mr. Free is going to *love* all the girly movies! It'll be good prep in case we wind up with all daughters one day! : )

  3. The hubs and I have teenagers over all the time (he's a youth pastor), so the best thing to have on hand is FOOD! Teens, it doesn't matter if they're boys or girls, love to eat. With teen girls, you could always have a spa night...I'm sure Mr. Free would LOVE that! :)
    Just remember, those girls will feel more at home in a lovingly decorated home than some sprawling mansion!

  4. Jenny they'll LOVE staying with you all I have no doubt, I stayed in so many different host homes during college Disciple Now weekends that I helped lead I can't even begin to count... I was most blessed to realize that the homes we felt most comfortable in weren't huge and glamorous at all, rather they were ones that felt like "home" with real families who were just glad to have us... if you have any board games they could be good (with the snacks of course) :) enjoy the ladies!


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