Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steals and Deals

Alrighty frugalistas (and frugalistos for any male readers????)
Here's some current deals going on that you might want to be apart of!

Now through May 16th, get a customized frappuccino for half price between 3 and 5 p.m.
I did try one yesterday after I read varied reviews of the 'new formula'.
Needless to say, I went in with low expectations.
And was pleasantly surprised!
It was delicious!
I ordered a tall decaf hazelnut java chip breve frappuccino. whew.
Right now is offering an extra 15% off with this coupon code:
This is a great option for upcoming wedding or graduation gifts.
It comes out cheaper, even with shipping than going to the store.
This saves you time, gas and gift wrap!
I ordered a gift using it today!
Almost monthly offers 80% off of their already discounted gift certificates.
This month the code is

For the many wedding anniversaries coming up, this is a great option for a wonderful dinner at an even better price!

B:2 Happy Hour (K.C. only)
Ah, our favorite restaurant!
Last week they began offering Happy Hour in the bar area (which is a great size by the way...)
Here are the specials:
$2 sliders
1/2 price fries
1/2 price appetizers
can't wait to try the fried pickles!
1/2 price beers and local wells

Here's a pic from one of our visits...devouring their amazing food!
Blanc Burgers + Bottles (their sister restaurants) also have similar Happy Hours. Be sure to check those out too!
Mr. Free and I will definitely be frequenting when we have the urge to dine out!

Tomfooleries Happy Hour (K.C. only)
Tomfooleries has 2 locations, but we frequent the Plaza location ourselves.
Their Happy Hour is from 4-7 pm everyday and here is what you can get!
For only $3!!
Quarter Pound Cheeseburger and waffle fries
4 Chicken Strips and waffle fries
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and waffle fries
and for $4:
Onion Rings (it is seriously a huge platter piled high!)
Individual Pizza
Grilled Thai Chicken Sticks
Pot stickers
Enchilada Dip
Spicy Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos

no drink purchase required!
They do offer some alcohol specials too if that's your thing...
When Mr. Free and I dine at the Plaza, this is our go-to as it is good and cheaper than McD's!!

Ok, so that's all I got. I didn't want to pass along any 'deals' I didn't personally have experience with.

Please let me know if you try any of these and please share any deals you know about!!!

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