Monday, May 3, 2010

Life and Death

This weekend was odd. Very odd. Bi-polarish in fact.
On Saturday we celebrated my sister-in-law's upcoming twin girls. The baby shower went really well and she was showered with great things for the two cuties. I remembered everything but my camera, so I'll have to bum some pictures off of people to do a blog post recap of it! Silly me!
We celebrated God's goodness of two beautiful girls that He is blessing our family with!

On Sunday I found out that my last living grandma had passed away. We knew she had heart problems, and she had refused a bypass a few years ago. So we knew this day would come.

She's the mom of my dad (my dad died when I was 6). My grandpa had passed away about 2 years ago. This leaves my aunt as the last remaining relative of my dad's family. She is really taking it hard. Please pray for her as she is coping with all of this.

I have the week for bereavement and I will be helping my aunt and mom go through my grandma's apartment and pack away her things.

Sorry this isn't a fun or lighthearted post. : (
I do hope to get a few things done around the house this week, so maybe I will have some updates.

Thank you for everyone who reads this and cares about Mr. Free and I. Your prayers are truly invaluable.

Please give an extra hug to those you love. : )

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