Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Yesterday was a very pretty day, but a little chilly actually.
Seemed like a perfect day for a drive.
So Mr. Free and I loaded into our little buggy and headed north to a local dairy farm that we proudly support.

It took us about an hour, but it was so much fun to pet the cows and see where our milk is actually made!

Here's some pics from our little journey.

Their country store, where we got to sample all their milks, cheeses and butter. (The butter is uh-mazing!!!)

Mr. Free loved the babies.....they each have a name and come to you when you call them....just like a dog!

He loved 'em!

Mr. Leroy Shatto himself showed us around the place. This is his awesome milk truck that's horn is a 'Moooo!'. Pretty darn cool....
I tried to convince him to throw a few black spots on our car and we could make some milk deliveries for him.....haha
Aren't the bathrooms cool?! I love the old doors for stalls and the galvanized buckets for sinks! So cool!

So in the end we wound up with some Orange Drink for Mr. Free, some Root Beer milk (my favorite!!!) for me, some artisan cheese and some butter.
Their farm and product is truly quality at its finest. Its a good feeling to know you are getting quality dairy and supporting a local family at the same time.
If you're in the KC area...I highly recommend a day trip out there!

What's your favorite milk flavor?

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