Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"new" loveseat. the transformation begins...

Our living room is a hodge-podge of hand-me-down and bargain basement furniture. It works for us for now, but someday we will get our 'grown up' furniture.

Our living room used to have this chair-and-a-half:

It is down in the basement now. What was down in the basement before?
This loveseat with it's matching couch.
Mr. Free's parents generously gave this set to us when they replaced their family room furniture. We are hoping one day we will have two living spaces to furnish! Then we'd be set!

This week we will be putting up our art gallery hallway. I thought the ol' chair and a half would clash with is blue and brown country plaid. This purply-brown couch would be a much better backdrop.
Did I mention it's a bit bigger? And more comfy? And it's where Mr. Free and I held hands for the first time in his parent's basement watching Braveheart?
It's a much better fit. And the price was perfect. : )

Here is some art of a good friend of Mr. Free's that we are going to put above the loveseat. The pic is super blurry, so I apologize. BUT it will just keep you in anticipation until the art is revealed!
Yeah....that was my plan all along....right....

The artist's name is Morgan and she is in school with Mr. Free. She is incredibly talented and both Mr. Free and I are big fans of her work. Here's her art from their Senior Show.

Isn't it marvelous? Thank you Morgan for the art we will proudly display in our home, along with Mr. Free's of course!

So readers, now that we are incorporating much more color into our living space, any tips? The old palatte was based off of that ol chair and a half....browns and blues. Now we will have color all over the walls in the art! I want our living space to be much more vibrant! Any tips would be much appreciated!

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