Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First question!

Here's the first question:
I was wondering how you decide your budget? I noticed that you like to pinch pennies when it comes to household stuff, but you also enjoy going out to eat as well. I was just wondering how you find the balance and decide with the Mr about your monthly budget? Thank you!

I will admit we are not always 100% perfect with our budget. We do have one, and its quite detailed. But I have been known to say," Gosh darn it, I really want a date night!" And go out to dinner, even though we shouldn't.... I can be bad.

But we are really getting back on track.

With our budget, we first see the total amount we bring in each month. Then we go through and list all our fixed bills monthly (rent, insurance, utilities, etc.). Then we decided together what we thought would be adequate for flexible spending, like groceries and fun money. Our biggest priority right now is saving. We both are in school full-time, so we unfortunately had to take out some student loans. We also need a new vehicle. So savings is numero uno.

I do like eating out on occassion. We really only go out maybe 2 or 3 times a month. Usually with friends. My mom is very generous and takes us out to eat often or will induldge in my coffee obsession. This obviously greatly helps our budget. (Thank you Mom!!!)

So Mr. Free and I will maybe eat out once every couple of weeks on our own dime. This is fixed into our 'fun money' so we feel we can live life a bit, but also be saving for our future together!
We have found now that we are getting quality food for our home (farm-fresh meat, eggs, dairy and produce) we often want to eat at home! Our dinners often taste as good as any restaurant at a fraction of the cost!

When we go out to eat though, we look for ways to save $$$. We usually always order water, and we will often split an entree'. Our portions are out-of-control in the ol USA, so we save money and our waistlines by sharing! We also look into restaurants Happy Hours, where they often have very discounted specials or look for coupons. We really try not to pay full-price for anything!

Another thing that does help with sticking to your budget is the ol' envelope system. We were very strict with this when we first were married and we are bringing it back next month. This way with our different allotments (groceries, medicine, pets, fun money, etc.) we can visible see what's left and hopefully have some leftover! It really does help!

Sorry....that was wayyyy long. : )

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  1. Jenny,
    I'm not sure if you might already read this blog, but I just read the most recent entry today. I can see how this system would be really eye-opening and helpful in budgeting, but a little daunting too! Thought you might like to look at it :)

  2. Thank you so much for the link! That is a wonderful blog! I hadn't seen it before! I will definitely put that one in my Google Reader! Thanks for sharing!


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