Monday, May 10, 2010

Dreaming of a pantry...

I feel incredibly blessed to be in our home. It is perfect for the two of us.
I do however, have a long-running list of hopes and dreams in a future home.
One thing near the top?
A pantry.
Right now our food is crammed into an overhead cabinet and on top of our fridge.
Not so chic.
Here's some very inspirational pantry pics:

I love how it looks just like a china cabinet and armoire, but really, its a walk in pantry!

I love the screen door! So cute! to sit in a pantry?! Amazing.

I love these doors!

Forget just sitting in my pantry...I need a ladder!

I love these picture. The chalboard door, the milk glass, the retro clock and the glass containers. It's sooo pretty!

I like all the colors....though this kinda looks like a clothes closet converted into a pantry. I'm not one to judge...I'd take it in a heart beat!

I love the sliding glass doors and the life preserver over it! I have to keep this one in my files for whenever *hopefully* one day live at the lake!

Another screen door the pop of red!

Oh are still my favorite color!

Doesn't this just inspire you to cook?!

This is one of my favorites too. It's massive! I love all the jars holding dry ingredients and spices. I love the light fixtures too! Beautiful!


One day.


  1. Love the pics. I too dream of a lovely, organized, huge pantry. Of course, it would compliment my lovely, organized, huge kitchen :)

  2. A pantry would be WONDERFUL!! Another dream of mine is to have the laundry room just off the Master Bedroom that's on the complete opposite side of the house from everything else.

  3. Saw this and thought of you.

  4. I love them..I would take any of them maybe SOMEDAY!!! for now I will keep dreaming....


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