Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am blessed.

In the midst of a busy schedule, I like to try and take a moment to think about how truly blessed I am and thank the Lord for all His goodness. Here is what I'm thankful for:

Being married to my best friend

That he was my first and only boyfriend

This was taken the week before we became 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. Homecoming 2002. I was 17, Mr. Free was 16. Aren't we just precious? haha

A wonderful mom who raised me in a Christian, loving home after my dad passed away.

My sister who has the same weird sense of humor that I have. : )

Yes, we are fully 100% biological sisters. I am the odd duck of the family. I look like no one.

That I've married into a loving and caring family.

Our amazing friends that are truly like family to us.

Our cute little shoebox house.

Our cute little furry children.

That I am surrounded by Christ, music, art and love every day.

That Mr. Free and I have 'summers off'.
20 days til Summer!!!

Finally, that Mr. Free and I have yet to 'grow up'. I pray we stay that way.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Loved going through all of your pics! You and Brian look so young in the prom one!! You guys are adorable! Miss you!

  2. Jenny, you are such a special person, I am the one blessed to have you in my life!!!
    Love YOU,
    Aunt Lorita

  3. I am thankful for blogs :-)


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