Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm going retro in the kitchen.

I got a bread box!

I had been eyeing her since last year at Target.
I've been wanting to incorporate more turquoise and yellow to the kitchen and thought she would be perfect!
But I waited to long....she was gone...
But this year, she came back at $14.99.
And I never pay full price.
So I waited, and she was on sale for $10 this weekend.
Not the greatest, but she was the last one left.
Using Christmas gift cards I snatched her up!
I love how bright and cheery she is!

Did I mention she's practical too?
With making all of our own bread, I didn't have a great place to store it.
I would usually wrap it in saran wrap, then place it in a bowl on the counter.
It looked cluttery.
Now, I have a great place to put it!
I think she looks super cute next to my gunmetal Kitchenaid and our cheery yellow towels!
It gives hint to the upcoming Spring!

So friends, how do you store your bread?
Do you have a bread box?
Keep it on the counter?
In a drawer?
In the fridge?
Do share!


  1. I love the retro look & the yellow really adds a pop of cheeriness :)

  2. Looks SUPER cute! We dont eat a ton of bread (I had to go gluten free for a while - so we got away from using it)so I keep mine in the fridge - stays good a LOT longer!

  3. I have that bread box in teal! It's amazing how just a single item like that can really make your kitchen pop.


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