Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frugal Tip: Whole Foods Bulk Bins

In my attempt to eat whole, nutritious, preferably organic food, I have found the Whole Foods bulk bins to be a lifesaver!

Though our closest Whole Foods is nearly 30 minutes away, I manage to venture out there once or twice a month to stock up on our necessities.

For the most part, the prices are wonderful. Especially since most of the products are organic.
You do need to check your prices though.
What do I buy?
Organic brown rice ($.99/lb.)
Organic steel cut oats ($1.35/lb.)
Organic whole wheat flour (regular and pastry flour)($.99/lb.)
Organic popcorn ($1.99/lb.)
Sea Salt ($.55/lb.)
Organic cane juice ($.99/lb.)

They also offer fresh ground peanut butter and local honey on tap, which I purchase both.

I then bring them home and place them in glass jars in our pantry.
This method is much cheaper than pre-packaged goods.
I will say though, in a few months when our Trader Joe's comes in, this could be a complete change.
I do know that almond meal is a fraction of the price at Trader Joe's versus Whole Foods bulk bins.
Luckily I have a huge stash in the basement pantry from Trader Joe's. (I put almond meal in everything!)

So, do you utilize Whole Foods bulk bins?


  1. yes! When they have their red lentils on sale, I stock up! And since I live in joco, its a much shorter drive for me. :)

  2. Nice blog! I just found it via facebook. Anyway, I LOVE the bulk bins at Whole Foods, and I've found *most* items to be very reasonably priced. I go at least once a week. Another perk of buying from bulk bins is that it allows you to buy exactly the amount you want/need--this is especially helpful when trying something new.

  3. Glad you ladies have found the bulk bins helpful too! MacKenzie, I'm jealous of how close you live to one!


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