Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bear with me....

This blog covers a wide array of topics that deal with homemaking.
Often I get overwhelmed with what to write about!

Should I share a new recipe?
A frugal tip I picked up?
A craft project?
Show pictures of our home?
Talk about our family?

And then I get stuck!
So I thought for my own sanity, I'm now going to give each day a 'theme'.

Tentatively, here's what I'm thinking:

M-Food (Recipes, food information, health, etc.)
T- Home (Home decor, decorating projects, organization, etc.)
W- Frugal (Tips, recent deals, budgeting info, etc.)
R- Inspiration (Devotional, inspiring projects, etc.)
F- Personal/ Random (About Mr. Free and I, or any other project or tip I want to share!)

If I blog on the weekend, it will just be random.

I'm hoping this will make this blog run a little smoother and help me from being overwhelmed!
There is a lot to running a home and I want to make sure to share a balanced view with you!

If you have any other ideas or tips, please share!

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