Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stacked Books

I've mentioned previously how much I love books, especially old books with character, and how much I love to decorate with them.

Now I want to stack them.

I've long loved the Spine Bookcase.
I hope one day one will just magically appear on my doorstep.
I just think the look of stacked books vertically is so interesting visually.

Until that magical day that a Spine Bookcase appears, I think I'm simply going to start a big stack of books in our office similar to this gorgeous picture below.

Doesn't all those books make that person who owns them appear so cultured?
That's what I want...
To appear cultured.
Don't judge a book by its cover : )
What do you think? Like the look or hate it?
Are you a book stacker or do they need to go horizontally to suit your tastes.
Do tell!


  1. I like it :) I am seriously design-challenged though, so you might not want to take my word too seriously :P

    I like books stacked vertically on regular bookshelves too. I mix them up - some vertical, some horizontal. Works out well if you dont have enough for a full shelf too - just make a bookend out of the books!

  2. I love that! Funny thing, Alex has wanted to make something like that...but not for books--rather for the cats to climb on! if you don't have the room to build the spine you could make the shelves on the wall and make a faux spine out of molding

  3. That's very true! Really, I dont even *want* to see the bookcase, I just think the mechanism would make it easier to grab a book. If they are all just stacked on one another trying to get that bottom book would be brutal!

  4. We have a row of bookcases on one side of our office. I like to have alternate with horizontal and vertical stacks. On the shelves with less books I always make a vertical stack to function like a bookend.


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