Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Design Challenge

We recently got this bedding for our bedroom

And currently still have our black and white rug underneath....which clashes.
Mr. Free doesn't mind though....
I'm hoping to use some Christmas/Birhday money and get a new rug for our bedroom.

Here's some contendors

My favorite....but way too $$$
west elm
west elm

west elm

If I lived near an IKEA the most affordable option would be to get 4 of these delish doormats and stitch them together to make one large rug.

Considering most would be hidden under the bed, I don't think it'd be a bad option...

I'd like it to have a little texture without competing with the bedding.
Which one would you choose?
Most are probably out of my budget, but I hope to use these as inspiration for a more affordable option!

Anyone live near an IKEA???


  1. Here are my suggestions:
    carpet tiles:
    or go with a red rug ie:

  2. I didn't even think about Flor tiles! That way I didn't have to pay for rug that would only be hidden under the bed! I love the ones from cb2, but I wish they came in brown!

  3. you're such a diy-er maybe you could make it! as soon as i saw that chevron rug, it reminded me of this;

    looks a bit complicated, but it's just an idea!


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