Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party

This year Mr. Free and I are going to have a Pumpkin Carving Party!
We are so stoked!

Normally we throw an Annual Halloween Party on that night, but we decided to shake things up.

I must admit, our first year married we had a Halloween Party and it consisted of Mr. Free and I sitting in our costumes on the couch waiting hours for any guest to arrive. Needless to say it was discouraging!

Like usual, we have pretty close to a $0 budget for this whole shin-dig but I thought it'd be fun to share the party planning step by step.

First up...

The invitations!
I first perused the inter-webz for inspiration and found these adorable invites on Etsy

So with our budget in mind, I used this as my inspiration and created my own.
Mine aren't nearly as cute, but they cost me $0.
Can't beat that.

Disclaimer: For those that know me in real life, please realize this is a small affair as the Free House is teeny tiny. Hopefully in a few years we will have a home that accomadates all the wonderful friends we have been blessed with!

So now I must ask....does anyone have any great Halloween or Pumpkin carving tips? Ever hosted a bash and have a great tip? PLEASE SHARE!



  1. We went to one last year, and they had an "impartial" judge give a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. It added a lot of fun to the party, and you could do goofy awards like a big bag of candy for the 1st place winner, a small bag for 2nd, and a candy bar for 3rd.

  2. Oooh...great idea! I love that. I'll just see if I can find an 'impartial' judge though...that'll be the tricky part!


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