Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Levi's First Thanksgiving!

First of all....with both Mr. Free and I as teachers...our schedule is awesome.
Can't beat it.
We had off Wed- Sunday of Thanksgiving week and enjoying every.single.second. of it.

We slept in.
It was awesome.

Then piddled around the house, slowly decorating for Christmas.
Mr. Free hung the lights and I worked on the inside.
We are keeping it on the simpler side this year due to a mobile child.
Makes a big difference.
No more glass ornaments in a glass bowl on the coffee table!
No no!

Then we wrapped a few presents

And went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner!
After the yummy and oh-so-filling dinner, we went to see Christmas fireworks.
Levi slept through it. Haha

Thanksgiving morning we watched the parade a bit, and I made my kinda-famous garlic bread stuffing (recipe to come soon)

 We went to Mr. Free's Nana's for Thanksgiving lunch and the cousins had fun playing.

 And Levi decided to show off his new standing skills.

That night we went to Christmas in the Park to see Christmas lights.
Levi loved them!
 Friday and Saturday were filled with Christmas shopping and I'm almost done!
We had a very full, fun Thanksgiving.
And I am so.stinkin. excited for Levi's first Christmas!

We are going to be doing the Advent season with Levi, and I'll be posting how we plan to do it within the next couple of days!

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