Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby and Toddler-Friendly Felt Christmas Tree

Yes, I'm talking Christmas.
Because I'm so stinkin' excited.
This year I'm doing several of Levi's gifts from scratch, as well as decorations for our home.

My first project is a Felt Christmas Tree for Levi (and all the other precious little ones the come to our home!)

Levi is into everything, and loves rearranging I thought this would be perfect!

Here's what you need:
Cutting mat
Large sheet of green felt
Christmas-y felt
Fabric pencil or pen
Rotary cutter (optional)

I got the felts from Michaels.
The big green felt (36" x 36") is regularly 3.99
The pack of Christmas felt contains 12 sheets and was 4.99
I used a 50% off coupon + my 15% off Teacher discount (love the teacher discount!!!)
So the entire project cost me about $6!

Here we go:
(warning: blurry photos ahead. sorry.)

First.... fold your green felt in half.
Then, trace half a Christmas tree.
(I free-handed it)

 Rotary cut along the lines you lovingly drew
(you can use scissors too...obviously)

Unfold it....voila! A Christmas tree!
Attach it to the wall with double-sided tape

For the ornaments, I forgot to take pics...whoops.
Basically, just trace around something round onto the felt and cut out.

The great thing about felt? It sticks to felt!
All you have to do is push the ornaments onto the tree and they stick!

And I let Levi test it out...
 He liked it!'s not staying up.... I'm not that crazy...

This year,
I'm doing a semi-homemade Christmas.

I'd love to do everything by hand and with love, but let's be real.... 
No woman who has a small child can do everything handmade.

But...I am vowing to do a semi-homemade Christmas.

Want to join me?

So there it is! Project Numero Uno for my...

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