Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Purge Shoes You "Might Wear Again Someday"

I have a hard time purging.
I always think I *might* need it again someday. Then I'll just have to buy it again!
What a waste!

But, there are times when enough is enough and I go on massive purge sessions.

Here is my foolproof method to definitely get rid of shoes you won't wear again.

Step 1: Go through your shoes, making a 'definitely wear' pile and a 'probably won't wear again' pile.
Discard any shoes that are too worn for wear.

Step 2: Put the 'probably won't wear again' shoes into a trash bag. Not a box or rubbermaid tote. It must be a trash bag.

Step 3: Take trash bag down to the basement into the area where your dogs hang out while you are at work.

Step 4: After about a month, dogs will have ripped into said bag of shoes and will determine for you whether or not you truly will wear those shoes again.

These shoes are now going into the trash can.
No need to worry about whether or not I will wear them again!

Disclaimer: This method is used with 2 basset hounds. Depending on the amount and breed of your dogs, this method may yield different results.


  1. Tooo funny! I totally thought it was going to be a if you haven't gone digging in the bag after a month has gone by, you don't need them. hahahaha.... just remember, God makes dogs cute so that you don't kill them when they do something like that. :)


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