Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Flava' in the Dining Room

Nothing like a ton of snow days to make you want to change a lot in your home!
After clearing the Christmas decor, I hadn't put a thing on our dining table.
It was nice to have a clean, blank slate for a fresh new year.
But....I got over that.
And I needed color.
With all of Mr. Free's art work in our home, I've noticed I need to splash those colors around our furnishings and decor a little more.
Help make it cohesive.

I looked through all our table linens and nothing was bright enough for me.
So I got creative....
I knew I wanted yellow, blues and reds.
So, for the table runner, I used my favorite yellow scarf.
Kinda weird, but its cloth, its washable, its yellow.
For the centerpiece, I put some tangerines in our crisp white serving bowl and next to it put my favorite Thomas O'Brien salt and pepper shakers on our white platter.
Over the yellow scarf I put my pale aqua placemats, Christmas red chargers, our bright white plates, with a punchy yellow ramekin on top holding our chocolate brown cloth napkins.
Over in the nook, I put my cookbook collection in, added the wire basket, bird and decorative thingy on top. I have no idea what its called.
Yes, I still have a wreath up. But its just the greenery.
And its a subtle reminder that its still winter.
(If the foot of snow outside didn't give it away previously...)

So there ya have it!
A quick little $0 makeover!
Kinda bright and out there, but I love it!
Totally cheers me up!

What do you think?
Do you ever use items in your home where they aren't meant for? Like my scarf on the dining room table?

Happy Friday!


  1. Your table always looks so cute, I never have anything on mine! I love the scarf idea, so brilliant!


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