Monday, February 21, 2011

Which one?

Mr. Free and I have a dilemma.
A good dilemma.

With both of us working now, Mr. Free and I have been saving up for 1 of 2 things.
And we can't decide which 'thing'.

Option 1:
Sometime this summer take 2-3 weeks to go to Europe. We have good friends who live in England, so we would see them, then take an additional week or 2 to travel all around Europe. Possibly a Mediterranean cruise, if the budget would allow. This would be great timing since we do not yet have children, so we would be free to go where we please without a restricted schedule. Who knows what the next summer will bring...
Our friends from England MAY be coming to the States this summer, so we thought about visiting them while they are here this summer, then going across the pond next summer...

Option 2:
Finish our basement. It would definitely be DIY which would be a blast! We have such little room to entertain upstairs and finishing downstairs would give us an additional 500 square feet for a big family room. We love having people over so this would be fabulous. We also think it'd be much easier to accomplish before kids and would be a great feature to have with kids. We plan to be in our home another 5 or so years, so the sooner we do it, the more we can enjoy it. Plus it'd be something fun and productive we could work on together this summer.

We can't do both.
We really want to, but can't.

We haven't made up our minds....if you were us, which one would you choose?


  1. I would finish the basement. I think it's a better investment, as it would make the home more valuable when/if you resell it. Plus, you will have more room to entertain! I would do that and then save up some more for the Europe trip.

  2. Can you take a shorter fun vacation and still finish the basement that way you at least get out of town for a few days? Overall I think the basement is the best investment long-term esp when you think of selling down the road! But Europe sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime chance too! Oh decisions!

  3. I vote for the basement and a short vacation! We're doing almost the same thing...we saved for a trip and/or we are doing a DIY patio on our townhome and going to stay at my in-laws beach home in SC for 4-5 days.

  4. As much as I love traveling (my husband and are saving up to take a big trip in Europe in 2012), I would go for the basement. You will get to enjoy it (and enjoy the DIY process) far longer than you would enjoy that vacation. You could always take a shorter domestic trip if there are some available funds. Just think how much you would enjoy a revamped laundry room and a big comfy family room!

  5. so sorry to throw a curve ball... I'd travel if it were my choice, sounds like an extra special trip... from the new-ish mom perspective I really can't imagine traveling with a baby for a very long distance in the States much less abroad, I also can't imagine leaving my baby even with wonderful family members for very long at any young age (maybe that's just me though), so Europe would be delayed for a long time if a baby is in the Lord's plans... however it would be busy and potentially hectic to remodel with a baby, but not nearly as bad - I grew up through constant renovations and didn't mind too much :)

  6. Travel is amazing....and worth it, but I say basement. :( You will have your work cut out and the price will not be as cheap as you think plus you do want that space ( I REALLY wish my basement was finished)! You have such great style and you have been so crafty lately! I say GO FOR IT! Please let me know if you do, we're here for free labor and a little fun too!

    also some day when you're tired and cranky you can send the kid(s) DOWNSTAIRS! :)
    Just my opinion. :)

  7. I vote for Europe! You can always finish the basement later, but opportunities to travel can be few and far between!


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