Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frugal Tip: Target Debit Card

I love Target.
It is by far my favorite store.
They have cute clothes, accessories, awesome home decor, and even groceries!
Plus, they have the BEST clearance.

If you love Target as much as I do, I highly suggest getting their own debit card.

Here's how it works:
The debit card is directly linked to your checking account.
To enroll you simply give them a cancelled check and they use that to link to your account.
You can do all this when you are checking out...just tell them you'd like to sign up for their debit card.
It takes a few minutes to do, so I made sure not to have a line behind me when I signed up.
Didn't want to be that lady.

Anyways, when you sign up, you get 5% off your purchases every time you use it!
Every time!
The only thing excluded is gift cards.

I love using it.
When they ring you up, you see your total, then you swipe your card and it changes to a lower amount!
I get giddy every time!

With enrolling in their debit program, you don't have to worry about any fees or charges. It is just like using your bank's debit card, just with an additional 5% off!

Target does offer a credit card with the same incentives, but their you can accrue late fees and added interest. So I suggest going with the debit card.

Does anyone else have one already? Love it as much as I do?
If you don't I definitely recommend looking into it!


  1. Ohhh...Love me some Target! and Love me some % off! Win Win...

  2. Oh is very much the definition of 'win win'!

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