Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Mr. Free....

Today is not our anniversary
Or any sort of special day
But I'm writing to you
Because I want to say
Just how much I love you
And what you mean to me
You've been my rock these last few months
It hasn't been easy
You have such an amazing faith
And loving spirit too
You never once questioned God's plan
And so I leaned on you
Thank you for holding me
When I hurt so bad
Thank you for making me laugh
It helped me not be sad
I feel so privileged
God chose me for you
I truly hope that you see
What a blessing you are too
I love you so very much
And am thankful for each day
God keeps us together
To love, work and pray
He has big plans for us
Though we may not see
This is just the beginning
For you and me
I hope that I can be
A blessing to you too
Though I'm messy and silly
I strive to help you
We're in this together
This journey God has planned
And as we travel forward
We will be hand in hand

I love you babe.

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