Saturday, November 13, 2010

I saw a celebrity today!

That's a big deal in Kansas City!
And she was one of my favorite celebs for a long time!
My mom and I went shopping and found out she was going to be there!
So here she is:

And yes that was me sing-talking "Hi Jessica".
I'm a dork.

I used to watch The Newlyweds all.the.time.

Nick and Jess were so cute together.
And I loved how messy she was.
It made me feel better about myself.
: )

So that was my day.
How was yours?


  1. Oh my word, that's insane! LOL weird, I wonder why KC?

  2. I used to watch The Newlywed all the time also...I might have even bought season 1! I love your sing songy Hi Jessica!!


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