Friday, November 5, 2010

It pays to be healthy and clean your home.

No seriously.
It pays.

Ok, gift cards.

Let me explain.
I enrolled in my insurance company's health incentive program.
And then I forgot about it.

I overheard a co-worker talking about how she redeemed her points for a $40 gift card for a restaurant!
So I got onto my account and logged in everything!
Every eye appointment, dental exam, flu shot, aerobics class, eliptical minute, and even housework!

What motivation!

It turns out cleaning house once a week = $.25. But hey, it adds up!

So far I have earned a $100 to a store of my choice.
It will probably be Target.
Gosh I love that place.

But points don't end until the end of the year!
With Mr. Free and I working out daily and cleaning house I should be able to add a few more dollars to that gift card!

So check with your insurance companies and see if they have a health incentive program!

Little things really add up!

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