Friday, November 12, 2010

I need your opinion....

Mr. Free and I recently spray painted all our interior door knobs Oil Rubbed Bronze.
You can see how we did it here,

However, last Spring Mr. Free and I saved up and purchased a new front door with shiny new hardware.
At the time, we thought we wanted all our hardware to be brushed nickel.
So we purchased this lovely set for $90.
We have loved it.
BUT.....we decided we love Oil Rubbed Bronze more.

So now all our hardware is Oil Rubbed Bronze but our front door.
We really had to save up for this set, so replacing it isn't an option.
I'm having a hard time deciding whether to spray paint it to match, or leave it as is.

Here are the options:
Leave it as is
Spray paint just the interior side Oil Rubbed Bronze and leave the exterior Brushed Nickel
Spray paint the interior and exterior Oil Rubbed Bronze

Help me decide!
I made a poll on the right side of my blog.
Please vote on what you think is best!
It'll be up for a week.
If you have any other options or ideas, please leave me a comment!!!


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