Monday, November 8, 2010

It's all in the details...

I was blog reading the other day and Jenny at Little Green Notebook mentioned that living in a small space means you need to pay special attention to the details in your home design.

It was like a lightbulb went off.

She showed a picture of a drawer that had a contrasting color on the inside. It looked awesome.
But it got me thinking, I should add more special touches to my home!

Which got me thinking about the interior of my kitchen cabinets, which are currently unpainted, though the exterior is painted white.
This is a perfect cold weather project!

I'm debating.....should the inside be yellow or blue?

Help me decide!

I'm definitely leaning one way over the other, but you may convince me otherwise!


  1. I like that seafoam blue color for tranquility...yellow for pop.

  2. I vote for blue! Especially if it's greenish-blue:)

  3. I like blue! With the yellow accents that you already have, I think adding more yellow would make the room too lemony. Plus I just love yellow and blue together :)

  4. I LOVE both colors, but I would lean toward the blue myself... either that or a much paler yellow... but I like the blues in those pics... =) I'm excited to see how they turn out! =D

  5. I love both too but lean toward blue. What a great idea! When we get our house I will be copying.


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