Monday, November 1, 2010

ORB Spray Painted Doorknobs

We spray painted our doors knobs.
And I'm VERY excited about it.

We started with a mismatch of door knobs and door colors.
Somehow I ignored it for 3 years....

No more!

Mr. Free and I spent Saturday painting all of our doors crisp white and spray painted all our door knobs oil rubbed bronze! We love it!

By the way...its been SUPER cloudy and the pictures aren't great. Sorry. I tried my best.

Here is the before

Here's what we did
Took off all the knobs and screws
Sanded them down
Stuck them into a cardboard box for easy spraying
Aren't they awful?! So random!!!

We used these
Then we sprayed one coat of the primer, let it dry.
Then applied 2 coats of the spray paint allowing to dry in between according to directions.


Here is a close up.
The color is spot on.

We are stoked to give our home a more cohesive look!
And it only cost $13 dollars.
Much cheaper than buying new doors and knobs!
We seriously saved a few hundred dollars for a similar look!
I will keep you updated on how they hold up over time!

What do you think?

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  1. I love it! I am really interested to see how they hold up. I have been wanting to get matching knobs since I moved in - but this would give me that look for a lot less :) not to mention, if they were all at least the same color then they could look intentionally mis-matched. Great idea!

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