Monday, November 15, 2010

Landing Strip & Coat Closet

I've read time and time again that every home needs a 'landing strip' to manage efficiently.
A 'landing strip' is a place to set your keys, the mail and your bags.
Each item has a place.

By the way...don't google image 'landing strip'.
Learned that the hard way.

Anyways. The Free home doesn't have the space by the door for a landing strip.
So I had to think outside the box.

I thought....why not use the hall closet? We really don't use it for anything productive!

So I took it from this

To this

Much better.

Here's what I did
First, cleared out all the junk. Got rid of things that didn't belong there.
Then, I pulled in an old bookcase from the guest room that I didn't want in there anymore.
I already had the two lime green baskets and they fit in the shelves perfectly.

The top basket is for gloves, hats, etc.
The bottom basket holds batteries and light bulbs.
On top of the basket I placed one of Mr. Free's ceramic dishes to hold keys and cell phones.
The back basket I snagged from the linen closet (it wasn't being used) and it will hold mail to be dealt with.

On the top shelves holds my everyday purse (finally a place to put it once I get home vs. the dining room table!) and our gym bag.
The top shelf holds a basket. An empty basket! That is a first in the Free house.

So there you have it.
A $0 make over that is making a big impact on our home!

What do you think?
Do you have a 'landing strip' at home?


  1. Looks great!

    I tried to comment on the doorknob post, but for some reason it didn't work. I say paint the inside, if you think it will hold up to the high traffic & not chip off. The outside would worry me a bit - not sure how the paint would weather.

  2. Great post jenny! You just never seem to run out of areas in your home to improve! Okay... that sounds bad. What I meant is that you do so much home improvement I always seem to think there couldn't be any other area you still possibly need to work on! lol =) Was that better?? Anyway, love the landing strip and thanks for the tip on no google image searches! =P

  3. Haha...thanks Whitney. Believe me, I have LOTS to work on. I am NOT naturally organized AT.ALL. So 3 years living in our house with hardly any organization has left me with many projects. I'm trying to be real and down to earth for those that maybe struggle in this area too. Sometimes those 'perfect' homes are just to daunting for me. And yes...please don't google it. : )

  4. that's wonderful! such a good idea and a great way to pull things together :)


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